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XP9000iH - Power your entire home or jobsite with the XP9000iH's 9,000 watts of clean, inverter power. Safely run your sensitive electronics like TVs and laptops. Stay in control with the digital command center, effortlessly monitoring power output, load level, and running hours. Upgrade to reliable power today.
XP13000HX - Meet the XP13000HX, the crown jewel of the HX Series boasting 13,000 watts of affordable, portable power. With a robust 500cc OHV DuroMax Engine, it's your perfect home backup, ensuring lights, appliances, and even central A/C systems stay powered during outages, storms, or emergencies. Upgrade to reliable and versatile power now.
XP12000HX - Unleash the power with the XP12000HX, the beast of the HX Series delivering 12,000 watts in an affordable, portable package. Featuring a robust 460cc OHV DuroMax Engine, it's the perfect home backup, ensuring lights, appliances, and even central A/C systems stay operational during power outages, storms, or emergencies. Don't settle for less—upgrade to reliable power now.
XP10000HX - Power up confidently with the DuroMax XP10000HX Generator. Its robust 439cc engine, rated at 18 HP, delivers 10,000 surge watts and 8,000 constant watts—handling high-demand loads and multiple appliances simultaneously. Boasting user-friendly features like an Electric Start and a backup recoil start, it ensures easy operation. With solid-fill tires and high-leverage handles, it's effortlessly portable on any terrain. The noise-reducing muffler with a built-in spark arrestor ensures safe use in camping areas and jobsites. Upgrade to reliable power with the XP10000HX.
DS12000EH - Elevate your power options with our Dual Fuel Generator, running on propane or gas. Enjoy smooth, quiet operation with a robust frame and four-point motor mounts. The full power panel includes vital features like an oil warning light and volt meter. With up to 8 hours of runtime at 1/2-load on both gasoline and propane, it's a reliable source of power. The low oil shut-off protects the engine, and the quiet muffler minimizes noise. Fully EPA and CARB compliant, it's ready for operation in all 50 states. Upgrade to versatile and reliable power today!
XP4500iH - Our generator delivers 4,500 peak watts and 3,600 running watts, perfect for emergencies, jobsites, or RV camping. It runs on gasoline or propane for fuel flexibility and features inverter technology for stable power. User-friendly with remote start, CO Alert, automatic transfer switch readiness, and more. It exceeds expectations with low oil shutoff, a digital control center, and parallel capability. Plus, it meets strict EPA and CARB emissions standards. Upgrade to versatile, reliable power now!
XP5015GC, XP5025GC,XP3025GC - Robust 15 or 25ft, generator power cord for home backup with options for 50 or 30 amps. Crafted with 100% copper wire for superior power quality, an STW jacket for durability, grounded plugs for safety, reinforced blades to minimize prong bending. Elevate your generator setup with reliability and convenience.
XPLGC - A large generator weather resistant dust cover that is built with a robust nylon outside and moisture barrier on the inside to keep your generator investment protected
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